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1 -XWiki is distributed under the [[LGPL>>]] license version 2.1.
1 +XWiki is distributed under the .
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3 +The platform (the java classes, the velocity templates, the javascript and CSS files, and everything that comes in the .war archive) is distributed under the [[LGPL>>]] license version 2.1. This means that every change made to the platform code must also be distributed under LGPL. Normally, users, distributors and integrators don't need to change the platform code, which means that their part of the license agreement is fulfilled by informing somehow the user of the license of XWiki, and provide a link to the default sources. External programs that talk to the wiki through other means don't have to be LGPL, any license is acceptable. This includes custom components, plugins or authenticators included in the platform.
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5 +The wiki documents (all the documents in the default .xar archive) are distributed under Creative Commons ([[CC-BY>>]]), which is a better suited license for content. This means that as long as the default content is kept, at least some credit must be given to XWiki for it. Any new content can have any other license, since CC-BY isn't viral. And, since we're not using a [[share-alike>>]] version of the creative commons family of licenses, even the license of the original content can be changed as long as it is modified in any way (a [[derivative work>>]] is created).
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3 3  = Copyright =
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5 5  All the code is under the following copyright, located in ##META-INF/NOTICE## (generated by our Maven build automatically):
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8 8  Copyright 2004-2011 XWiki
9 9  {{/code}}
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11 -For example for the XWiki Rendering API JAR the following ##NOTICE## file can be found:
15 +For example for the XWiki Rendering API JAR the following ##NOTICE## file is generated:
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13 13  {{code language="none"}}
14 14  XWiki Rendering - Api

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