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19 19  == Extension Manager improvements ==
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21 +We added more information to the Description section and we added the ability to retrieve the list of stable versions that are available in the configured extension repositories.
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23 +{{image reference="EM-extensionDescription.png" /}}
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25 +We also grouped the action buttons (e.g. Install and Install of farm) as you can see in the image above. This allowed us to move the Apply button that you had to click to confirm an extension action like install from the bottom of the Progress section to the extension actions section.
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27 +{{image reference="EM-continueInstall.png" /}}
28 +
29 +See the [[Extension Manager Application documentation>>extensions:Extension.Extension Manager Application]] for more information.
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21 21  == Distribution Wizard improvements ==
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23 23  We fixed an important bug in Distribution Wizard ({{jira url="http://jira.xwiki.org" style="enum"}}XWIKI-8749{{/jira}}) that was preventing you from properly upgrading the installed extensions in the second step. We now list extensions by the namespace (wiki) where they have been installed. For now you have to review and upgrade each extension individually. We hope to improve this soon by allowing you upgrade more extensions at once.

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