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41 41  * Send prepared mime message to multiple users as independent message. A new mime message cloning factory (hint "message") is available to be used with iterator factories. It duplicates a given source message as is, to allow sending it to multiple users as independent messages. See [[Example 5>>extensions:Extension.Mail Sender API||anchor="HExample5:SendapreparedMimeMessagetoalistofUsersandGroups"]] of the documentation for a sample.
42 42  * Mail API has been slightly modified to fix a bug when waiting for all mails to have been processed (the ##waitForProcessing()## wasn't really waiting!). As a consequence calls to ##MailResult.waitTillProcessed(long timeout)## and ##MailResult.isProcessed()## have been replaced by calls to ##MailStatusResult.waitTillProcessed(long timeout)## and ##MailStatusResult.isProcessed()##. Note that for backward compatibility reason the scripting API still supports the old API (but it's deprecated and you should move your code to use the new API).
43 43  * Mail Status Store API has been refactored to provides ordered result based on any status fields. A new method also ease loading a single status for a given messageId.
44 -* The Mail module's prepare step now does a better handling of the ExecutionContext by cloning it. This way you can safely use it while rendering your mail's template, when you are using the velocity bindings. More details on [[XWIKI-12090>>]]
44 +* When evaluating Velocity in Mail Templates, the Execution Context used is a clone of the one that was available when the ##send*(...)## method was called. Thus all Velocity bindings that were present are available from your Mail Template.
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46 46  == Job Progress Improvements ==
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