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6 1 Release Notes for XWiki Enterprise 2.0 Milestone 1
8 1.1 Summary of changes since XWiki Enterprise 1.9
12 1.1 Known issues
14 * [Bugs we know about>]
16 1.1 Backward Compatibility and Migration Notes
18 1.1.1 General Notes
20 #warning("If you're running in a multiwiki setup you'll also need to define the property <tt></tt> to your <tt>xwiki.cfg</tt> file or explicitly name all databases to be migrated as in <tt>,db2,...</tt>.")
22 You may also want to [import the default wiki XAR>Main.Download] in order to benefit from improvements listed above.
24 #warning("Always make sure you compare your <tt>xwiki.cfg</tt> file with the newest version since some configuration parameters were added. Of note, you should add <tt></tt> so that XWiki will attempt to automatically migrate your current database to the new schema. Make sure you backup your Database before doing anything.")
26 1.1.1 API Breakages
28 The following APIs were modified since XWiki Enterprise 1.9:
30 * Rendering Module
31 ** <tt>Block.replace()</tt> has been replaced by <tt>Block.replaceChild()</tt>
32 ** <tt>ParseException</tt> constructor and methods have been modified since they were unused
33 ** <tt>XWikiXHTMLImageRenderer</tt> and <tt>XWikiXHTMLLinkRenderer</tt> classes have been moved to a XWiki-specific module so that the main Rendering module can be used standalone
34 ** Merged <tt>SimpleXHTMLImageRenderer</tt> and <tt>XWikiXHTMLImageRenderer</tt> into <tt>DefaultXHTMLImageRenderer</tt> which now handles the case where we're inside a wiki or not
35 ** Merged <tt>SimpleXHTMLLinkRenderer</tt> and <tt>XWikiXHTMLLinkRenderer</tt> into <tt>DefaultXHTMLLinkRenderer</tt> which now handles the case where we're inside a wiki or not
36 ** Details:\\{code:none}
37 [ERROR] org.xwiki.rendering.block.AbstractBlock: Method 'public void replace(java.util.List)' has been removed
38 [ERROR] org.xwiki.rendering.block.Block: Method 'public void replace(java.util.List)' has been removed
39 [ERROR] org.xwiki.rendering.block.Block: Method 'public void replaceChild(org.xwiki.rendering.block.Block, org.xwiki.rendering.block.Block)' has been added to an interface
40 [ERROR] org.xwiki.rendering.block.Block: Method 'public void replaceChild(java.util.List, org.xwiki.rendering.block.Block)' has been added to an interface
41 [ERROR] org.xwiki.rendering.parser.ParseException: Parameter 2 of 'public ParseException(java.lang.String, java.lang.Exception)' has changed its type to java.lang.Throwable
42 [ERROR] org.xwiki.rendering.parser.ParseException: Method 'public ParseException(java.lang.Exception)' has been removed
43 [ERROR] org.xwiki.rendering.parser.ParseException: Method 'public ParseException(java.lang.Exception, java.lang.String, int)' has been removed
44 [ERROR] org.xwiki.rendering.parser.ParseException: Method 'public ParseException(java.lang.Exception, java.lang.String, java.lang.String, int)' has been removed
45 [ERROR] org.xwiki.rendering.parser.ParseException: Method 'public java.lang.String getFileName()' has been removed
46 [ERROR] org.xwiki.rendering.parser.ParseException: Method 'public int getLineNumber()' has been removed
47 [ERROR] org.xwiki.rendering.renderer.xhtml.XWikiXHTMLImageRenderer: Class org.xwiki.rendering.renderer.xhtml.XWikiXHTMLImageRenderer removed
48 [ERROR] org.xwiki.rendering.renderer.xhtml.XWikiXHTMLLinkRenderer: Class org.xwiki.rendering.renderer.xhtml.XWikiXHTMLLinkRenderer removed
49 [ERROR] org.xwiki.rendering.renderer.XHTMLRenderer: Method 'public XHTMLRenderer(org.xwiki.rendering.renderer.printer.WikiPrinter)' has been removed
50 [ERROR] org.xwiki.rendering.renderer.xhtml.SimpleXHTMLImageRenderer: Class org.xwiki.rendering.renderer.xhtml.SimpleXHTMLImageRenderer removed
51 [ERROR] org.xwiki.rendering.renderer.xhtml.SimpleXHTMLLinkRenderer: Class org.xwiki.rendering.renderer.xhtml.SimpleXHTMLLinkRenderer removed{code}

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