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Page properties
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13 13  == New field types for email and list of pages ==
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15 -== Improved display of users and groups fields ==
15 +Two new types of class properties have been added:
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17 +* The //Email// type extends the normal //String// type, adding by default a validation regular expression that should accept only a valid email address
18 +* The //Page// type extends the normal //DBList// type, and allows to select one or more documents from the current wiki
19 +
20 +These two new properties are still in development, and further improvements will be implemented in the next milestone.
21 +
22 +== Computed class fields ==
23 +
24 +Another new type of class fields adds support for //virtual values// computed live from other class values, data from the database, data obtained from an external service, or practically any other source of data. These fields are non-editable and aren't stored in the database, since they only provide some wiki content that will be rendered each time such a property is displayed.
25 +
26 +Traditionally, this kind of computation would have been written directly in the sheet used to display instances of that class, but putting it in a class field allows easier reuse of the code, since the property will be //displayed// in livetables, when indexing the document in Lucene, when displaying documents in an index page, and so on.
27 +
17 17  == Improvements to the Extension Repository Application ==
18 18  
19 19  We modified the extension sheet to display the release notes for all the available versions of an extension. Check for instance the release notes for the [[Extended TODO Application>>extensions:Extension.Extended Todo Application#HReleaseNotes]]:

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