URLs resolution

In a single instance of XWiki you have many sections and the URLs need to reflect all that. This documentation details the way URLs are parsed by XWiki and what means each part of it.



By default "http" is used when generating an url in XWiki. You can set "secure" parameter to true in a wiki descriptor to generate urls with "https" in "http".


  • The first thing XWiki do to find the right wiki the URL is pointing to is by trying to find wiki1.xwiki.org in the list of wiki descriptors.
  • I no descriptor can be found:
    • if the host is an IP (,, etc.) XWiki goes to main wiki
    • if the first part of the host name (what is before the first point) is "www" XWiki goes to main wiki
    • if the first part of the host name match a wiki identifier XWiki goes to this wiki

[OPTIONNAL] Application context





XWiki use "action" identifiers to determine what is the goal a the user when going to a page.

For example if the action is "edit" XWiki will print a editor the user use to modify a page content but if the "view" action is used XWiki will execute the page content to print/render the content.


All XWiki page are located in what is called a "space". You have only one level of space but you can indicate a "parent space" for a space.


The page is what contains wiki contents and objects/classes and attachments.


This part indicate the attachment you want to download from a particular page.


Actions can use URL parameters to modify there action depending of there value.

For example you can make a velocity script that print the content of this value with:

The value of the parameter is: $request.param1

if you have a parameter "param1=Hello World" the result will be

The value of the parameter is: Hello World

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