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29 29  * /wiki/wikialias: call the same servlet but will be use to determine the subwiki to acces if <tt>xwiki.virtiual.usepath</tt> is enabled in <tt>xwiki.cfg</tt>. Notes that you can change the "wiki" part with anything else using <tt>xwiki.virtual.usepath.servletpath</tt> and by modifying web.xml to reflect the new Struts action name. If the struts action name is the same that.
30 30   ** XWiki tries to match a wiki descriptor with the provided <tt>wikialias</tt> like it was a domain name
31 31   ** then if it can't find any wiki descriptor it search for it with <tt>wikialias</tt> as wiki name
32 +* /xmlrpc/: call xmlrpc servlet.
33 +* /webdav/: call webdav servlet.
32 32  
33 33  1.1 \[OPTIONNAL\] Bin action
34 34  When the struts action is <tt>bin</tt> or the value of <tt>xwiki.virtual.usepath.servletpath</tt>, XWiki use "action" identifiers to determine what is the goal of the user when going to a page.

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